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      <page pageid="12" ns="0" title="Revit">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">Revit is a 3D construction modeling software package by Autodesk that allows users to collaborate online to find clashes in the structural, electrical, and mechanical design. The 3D plans can be rotated about any point the viewer selects. Plans with perspective lines allow users to view a walk through the structure by navigating with a mouse. Accurate updating of the database during the design phase and with survey information from robotic stations through to construction can identify areas where items in the 3D design overlap occur or &quot;clash&quot;. These clashes are costly to find on regular 2D digital plans or redesign in the field. Reveit is used to view the schedule of construction activities or 4D CAD. The up to date completed 3D database Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the documentation used for future building maintenance and expansion.   

The software has a user modifiable library of standard building components that are used to construct the building in 3D. Building structures are designed from families of structural beams, walls, floors, trusses and braces. The interior components are families of walls, doors, windows, columns, ceilings, floors, curtain walls systems. Families are organized in to types. Each type is assigned properties for the assembly specification. The type properties is a multi-list box that allows specifying in categories: constraints relative to other components, construction of the component, dimensions of the specified component, identity data about the manufacturers product, materials and finishes, cost from subcontractors, construction schedule phase data, graphics color and fill pattern. Additonal properties can be added to define the component type.</rev>
      <page pageid="14" ns="0" title="SciTE">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">[ SciTE4AutoHotkey] (also [ SciTE]) is an open source code editor for building and running programs. SciTE4AutoHotkey is an [[AutoHotkey]] macro editor with intellisense for [[AutoHotkey]] script, syntax color highlighting, code folding, autocomplete, autoindent, intergrated help, and debugging support. SciTE4AutoHotkey tools inlclude Smart GUI Creator with visual layout, auto script writer that records macros, &quot;active window&quot; that displays the commands of the current windows, a scriptlet utility and a splash image creator.</rev>